Wire Decking

Wire decking in stock and ready to ship to you. Wire mesh decking for your pallet rack system. We keep Nashville wire decking in stock in many different sizes to fit whatever size wire deck you may need.

Wire mesh decks help increase the safety of your pallet rack system by acting as a safeguard against pallets falling through your racking.

This pallet rack wire decking is manufactured in the US with American Steel. It comes standard with a powder coat finish to help increase the lifespan of the wire decking.

Wire decking is kept in our stock and ships out within 2 - 3 days of your order being paid for. We keep many sizes of wire mesh decks in stock to best serve our customer's needs.

wire decking in stock
waterfall wire decking

Each wire deck we keep in stock is made with 2.5" x 4" mesh. The supports are welded to the wire mesh. The wire decking supports are made from different gauges from 16 gauge down to 13 gauge depending on the depth of the wire deck.

The dimensions given for the wire mesh decks are nominal. When it says the depth of the deck is 42" it will be 42.5" out to out. This dimension refers to the depth of the upright frame that the wire mesh deck will go on. This is important to keep in mind when you are trying to match your existing wire deck size.

All pallet rack wire decking we keep in stock has at least 2,500 and some of them go up to 2,750 lbs. capacity per deck. It is important to keep in mind that wire decking capacity is based on uniformly distributed loads (UDL). An example of a UDL would be a pallet that you set into the pallet racking.

A point load is the opposite of a UDL. An example of a point load is a basket with feet. Any item that has feet or an uneven bottom that concentrates the load in particular spots. A point load reduces the capacity of the wire decking and will also tear it up.

This wire mesh decking has u supports that are made to fit into step beams. It is important that you do not have box beams or structural beams that need a flanged crossbar. We keep u support style wire deck in stock because it offers the highest capacity versus a flanged crossbar.

These decks will work with most major manufacture's standard roll formed step beams. Most step beams offer a 1 5/8" step that the wire decking will fit down into.

wire decking in step beam

One of the obvious benefits of wire mesh decks is the increased safety that they offer. The keep broken pallets and other items from falling through the pallet racking system keeping your employees safe.

Pallet rack wire decking also keeps the Fire Marshall happy for a couple of different reasons. It allows water to freely flow through the beam levels if you have sprinkler systems in your warehouse. People commonly use wood decking instead of wire decking and wood is not only not as structurally safe, it also creates a fire hazard.