Used Wire Decking

Keep your warehouse safe at an affordable price with our used wire mesh decks. We have thousands of used wire decking on hand at any time. Used Steel wire decking is the most common form of pallet rack decking options available. The low cost and effectiveness make used wire grates a great option for your business.

Used wire decks increase safety and securely allow a forklift setting down palletized material into pallet rack without it falling through. There are many different depths and widths of a pallet rack system and because of this, used wire mesh comes in many different sizes. 

used wire decks

Used wire decks allow for water to easily flow through your pallet rack system. If you currently have wood decking down, your insurance company will like it a lot more if you go with this type of pallet rack decking. In the event of a fire, the used decks allow for water to pass through the pallet rack levels. 

The decking is used to keep pallets or hand stacked material falling through the rack beams. They have supports or channels underneath the wire mesh that give the deck support and structure. Most decks are made to fit into the step of the beam with a u shaped channel, but used wire decks with a flange to go over the top of the beam will also work on some rack.

used waterfall wire deck

Used Outside Waterfall Wire Decks

Used outside waterfall wire decks are the most common for used wire decking. This is the most common variety of wire deck. It easily installs by dropping in, with no hardware necessary. They can be made in a single waterfall or more commonly double waterfall.

used inside waterfall wire deck

Used inside Waterfall Wire Decks

Used inside waterfall wire decks sit down in the step of the pallet rack beam. They must be tek screwed into the step of the beam. They allow you access to the full face of the beam so you can put labels on them.

used inside waterfall wire deck

Used Reverse Waterfall Wire Deck

Used Reverse Waterfall Wire Decks are used on stocking shelves to keep from pushing material off the back of the shelf. These types of wire decks are commonly used in pick modules or rack supported mezzanines where picking takes place on a 2nd or 3rd level.

U Channel for used wire decks

Used U-Channel Wire Decks

Used u channel wire decks are the most commonly seen. They are made to be used with roll formed step beams. The U channel fits down into the step of the beam and give the wire decking its support. Beware of used beams that have a shallow step as the channel may not fit into the beam the way it is supposed to.

U Channel for used wire decks

Used Flanged Wire Decks

Used Flanged wire decks can be used with any type of pallet rack beam you have. Whether it is a structural or roll formed beam a flanged support should work. Instead of sitting down in a step beam, the flange sits up on top of the beam.

Southeast Pallet Rack checks every used pallet rack wire deck for quality before it is shipped out. Our decks come in different conditions that rate on each listing of the site. the wire deck rating is as follows:

Like New - Light dust, minimal scratches.

Good - Mild scratches, moderate amount of dust.

Moderate - Scratched, dusty, non-structural bends in decks may be present. Priced to sell.