Used Pallet Rack Uprights

Looking to buy used pallet rack uprights? Look no further. Southeast Pallet Rack has one of the widest selections of surplus pallet rack upright in the United States! Get your warehouse organized with our used pallet rack upright frames and get those pallets off the floor.

Most of our used teardrop uprights should be compatible with any used teardrop beams on the market today. If you have questions of whether or not your pallet rack beams will work with uprights listed here, send us a picture and we can confirm for you.

surplus pallet rack uprights blue

Used Roll Formed Uprights - Roll formed uprights come in styles such as teardrop, keystone, slotted and more. Roll formed refers to the type of steel the used uprights are made out of.

Used Structural Uprights - Structural uprights are made out of hot rolled steel and typically feature a bolted connection. Learn more about structural pallet rack uprights.

Used Teardrop Uprights - Teardrop uprights are the most common style of uprights on the market today. Most manufacturers make a teardrop version of th

Used Keystone Uprights - Keystone uprights are also roll formed style uprights. Keystone is a style of rack. Learn more about different types of pallet rack.

We personally inspect all used pallet rack uprights before they ship out to ensure there is no structural damage to any uprights and that they will perform like you need them to. 

What can you expect when you purchase some of our surplus racking? We have a rating system for our used pallet racks that you will see under each listing in the description field and what you can expect with each rating:

  • Like New - Light dust, minimal scratches to paint, paint still in good shape, limited amount of labels
  • Good - Mild paint scratches, could have labels, moderate amount of dust
  • Moderate - May include heavy scratches, dust, grease, labels, but still perfectly functional and priced appropriately