T-Bolt Pallet Rack

T-Bolt Pallet Rack offers unmatched rigidity and strength for your pallet rack system. Unarco’s patented t-bolt connection design allows it to reach capacities that are unmatched by traditional boltless rack offerings.

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Unarco T Bolt Pallet Rack Overview

Unarco T bolt pallet rack offers strength and rigidity that standard boltless pallet rack cannot provide. With its patented t bolt design the beam end connector bolts to the pallet rack frame with a t bolt.

The head of the t bolt goes through the beam clip and hooks on the inside of the upright and then the nut fastens to the face of the frame holding it in place.

Unarco t bolt is adjustable on 3″ centers. When combined with Unarco’s superpost closed tube column, t bolt rack can reach capacities similar of structural racking while still being roll formed rack. The extra

When to Use Unarco t bolt pallet racking

Unarco t bolt is commonly used in heavy duty applications or seismic areas. The bolted connection adds additional rigidity that a boltless pallet rack does not.

The nut is tightened from the face of the racking and the head of the T-bolt rotates to pull snug against the upright. This bolted connection prevents the beam from ever disengaging with the rack.

Unarco t bolt racking construction

Unarco t bolt is roll formed pallet racking with an all welded construction. T-bolts are supposed to be tightened to 90 foot found of torque. This precision allows for greater elevation consistency and tighter tolerances throughout the pallet rack system ensuring durability and system plumbness over the long term.


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