Structural Pallet Rack

Structural pallet rack is constructed of structural c-channel steel for added toughness and durability. Structural racking is a bolted pallet rack that ensures the system is a rigid structure.

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Structural Pallet Rack Overview

Structural pallet rack is the heaviest duty style of pallet rack that you can purchase. The structural steel components offer more structural integrity than standard roll formed racking.

Structural racking is commonly seen in heavy duty applications or in high inventory turnover environments. The thickness of the steel allows the pallet rack to be extremely durable and able to handle more abuse.

The thickness of the steel c channels can vary depending on you specific capacity requirements. Structural uprights are available in 3″ wide or 4″ wide columns. The uprights are punched on 4″ centers and the beams clips are punched every 2″. This makes each shelf elevation adjustable on 2″ centers up and down.

Due to the heavy loads that structural pallet rack systems are typically holding, the beams usually come with beam ties to help keep the beams from separating and the loads from falling through the rack. The use of beam ties can greatly increase the capacity of the shelf levels.

Structural racking is commonly used with pallet crossbars which can serve as a beam tie. However, you can also put wire decking on structural pallet rack, you just need to make sure you have flared channel wire decks instead of a u shaped support.

How Is Structural Pallet Rack Made?

Structural pallet racks are made from hot rolled steel. This is done at the steel mill and then purchased in lengths by the pallet rack manufacturers. The  rack manufacturers will then take these solid structural steel channels, punch holes in it, weld beam clips and bracing to it and that is how the structural rack is made.

Use cases for structural pallet racking

Grocery applications – one of the nice things about structural pallet rack is it is easier to clean versus teardrop rack systems due to it being more open and having less crevices

Heavy duty applications – one of the most common use cases for structural pallet racks is heavy duty applications such as metal foundries due to its high capacities.

Damage prone environments – structural rack is known to be more impact resistant than traditional racking so if your work environment is prone to damage, structural pallet rack may be a good choice for you.

Pallet rack systems – structural pallet rack is commonly used in pallet rack systems such as

  1. Drive-In/Drive Thru
  2. Cantilever Rack
  3. Pushback Rack
  4. Pallet Flow Rack
  5. AS/RS

It is used in these systems because replacing damage in rack systems can be extremely costly and it also is more conducive for supporting dynamic loads.


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