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Steel King Roll Formed Pallet Rack

Steel King Roll Formed Racks

Steel King roll formed pallet racks are of the highest quality in the industry. The attention to detail in the designing and engineering of steel king pallet rack is very impressive. On Steel King Pallet Rack you will not find any sharp edges. Featuring a closed tube column this pallet rack is as robust as it gets.

Steel King Structural Racking

Steel King Structural Racks

Steel King Structural Pallet Rack is a very robust and durable pallet racking product. Structural pallet rack is used in all kinds of pallet rack systems including selective, drive in, pushback, pallet flow and more. Available in a 3″ wide or 4″ wide column.

Steel King Pallet Rack in Stock and able to ship in 24-48 hours from time of order placement!

About Steel King Pallet Rack

Steel King is a leading provider of innovative storage solutions, and its Pallet Racks stand out as a testament to their commitment to quality and efficiency in material handling systems. The Steel King Pallet Rack system is renowned for its durability and versatility, making it a go-to choice for warehouses seeking reliable storage solutions.

Steel King’s commitment to quality is evident in the construction of their Pallet Racks, ensuring a sturdy and reliable solution for various storage requirements. These racks are engineered with precision, using high-quality steel to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty material handling operations.

In addition to their robust design, Steel King’s Pallet Racks are known for their ease of installation and adaptability, providing a customizable solution for any warehouse layout. The Portable Racks offered by Steel King further enhance flexibility, allowing for easy reconfiguration of storage space as operational needs evolve.

Steel King Pallet Rack
Steel King Closed Tube Column

The Steel King Difference

Steel King features a closed tube column which provides superior structural integrity in their roll formed pallet racking. All of the horizontal and diagonal bracing is made from closed tubing as well. 

Using closed columns and tubing creates superior structural integrity in their product compared to other items out there on the market. 

Hands down, Steel King creates one of the best pallet racking products on the market and backs it up with a top notch engineering department. Whatever type of pallet racking system that you may need, Steel King has the capability of getting it done.

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