Steel Decking Panels For Pallet Rack

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Steel Decking Panels for Pallet Rack Overview

Solid steel decking panels for pallet rack provide a smooth continuous flat surface ideal for small parts or containers with legs. The shelf panels are placed perpendicular to the rack beams and sit inside the beams 1 5/8″ step ledge.

No hardware is necessary to install these steel decking panels, they just fit snugly into place.

Steel Decking Panels Specs:

These panels are available in widths of 6″ or 12″. You use combinations of these panels to fit your beam width. So for instance a 96″ wide beam you would put (8) 12″ wide shelf panels on.

The shelf length will equal the depth of the frame minus 3.75″. So on a 42″ deep frame the shelf panel would be 38.25″ long. If you are retrofitting your rack system, it is important to make sure you have roll formed step beams, and that the length of the shelf pan will fit in between the steps of your beams.

Shelf panel depths go from 24″ deep all the way up to 72″ deep.

The shelf panels have a very nice capacity averaging 1,000 lbs. per deck panel. This means on an 8′ wide beam, the decking will provide 8,000 lbs. of capacity uniformly distributed.

This steel rack decking fits into the step of the beam allowing you full access to the face of the beam to put whatever labels you may need to on there.

Standard color for the shelf panels is orange but you can get different colors upon request.

This decking is perfect for hand stacking applications with pallet racking.


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