Roll Formed Racking

Roll formed racking is the most popular form of pallet racking and is used to make styles like Teardrop, Keystone, and Slotted. Roll formed racking is not a brand or a style, it refers to the type of steel that is used in pallet racking.

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Roll Formed Racking Overview

Roll formed pallet rack is made from coil steel. The pallet rack manufacturers will buy the steel, cut it to size, punch it, and then put it through the roll former to get its shape. This is different from structural steel where the steel has to be formed while it is still hot.

Roll formed steel simply refers to the type of steel that is used to make the pallet racking. Most manufacturers use this steel to create teardrop rack.

Roll formed steel comes in several different thicknesses referred to as gauges.

Most roll formed uprights will be somewhere from 15 gauge down to 11 gauge. The lower the gauge, the thicker the steel is.

Roll formed beams are typically 16 gauge thick but can go down to 14 gauge if they need to cross a big span.



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