Rain Decking | Perforated Corrugated Rack Deck

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Overview of Rain Decking for Pallet Rack

Rain decking for pallet rack is the perfect fire safety solution in your pallet rack system. With over 50% open pattern for water to flow through, it makes Fire Marshalls and insurance companies happy.

Perforated corrugated rack deck is heavy duty, made of 20, 22, and 24 gauge steel depending on your spans and the load you will be putting onto it.

Perforated Corrugated Rack Deck Applications

  • Carpet roll storage
  • Record storage
  • Archive storage
  • Furniture storage

**Rain decking is commonly used is back to back sections of rack where the center beams are welded down and act as supports for the decking. This creates on big shelf front to back of the pallet rack including the flu space.

Advantages to Rain Deck for Pallet Rack

  • 50% open pattern on rain deck should pass most fire department inspections
  • Pallet rack decking that allows water to flow through the product can result in lower insurance premiums
  • Rain deck can keep you from having to put in rack sprinklers into the rack system which is very costly
  • Exceeds the criteria of the NFPA codes
  • Has a super smooth top surface that allows products to slide on and off with ease
  • Drops down into the step of your pallet rack beams and sits flush with the top of them
  • Tek screws into the step of the pallet rack beam
  • Perfect for record storage boxes because its low profile and how it allows water to pass
  • Rain deck can be cut up to 20′ long
  • Perforated Corrugate rack deck comes in widths of 6″ up to 36″
  • The decking nest and ships densely to lower storage cost
  • Rain deck is available in painted or galvanized finish


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