Rack Safety Straps


Key Features

  • Mounts and removes quickly to existing teardrop racking with no retrofit needed
  • 2,400 lbs. burst strength
  • Multiple rack safety straps can be combined to further enhance safet
  • Rack safety strap is 2″ in height
  • Rack straps allow for 6″ of overhang
  • Ideal for keeping large, palletized, or shrink wrapped items from pushing into the flue space or falling into work areas


Rack Safety Straps offer a cost-effective solution to enhance rack safety in your warehouse. Our pallet rack safety straps offer a high degree of safety without the need for costly rack protection systems. Designed to prevent pallet push-through and ensure the safety of your racking system, these safety straps are a must-have addition to your warehouse safety.


Enhanced Safety:
Our rack safety straps offer an increased level of safety by preventing loose items, palletized, or shrink-wrapped cargo from falling into a work area or pushing through the flue space.

Cost-Effective Solution:
Say goodbye to costly rack protection systems! Our safety straps provide an affordable alternative that doesn’t compromise on safety.

Insurance Friendly:
Many insurance companies recognize the benefits of our safety system, potentially leading to lower premiums for your warehouse.

Versatile Application:
Suitable for pallet racks of all standard sizes, these safety straps can be mounted to the back of the rack, ensuring optimal protection for your warehouse rack arrays. These straps are made for teardrop uprights.

How It Works

The pallet rack safety strap is mounted to the back of the existing pallet rack upright, creating a barrier that prevents pallet push-through and keeps large palletized or shrink-wrapped items securely in place.

Why Choose Rack Safety Straps?

  • Ease of Use: No tools needed for installation, making it convenient for warehouse managers to implement.
  • Optimized Design: Engineered to fit seamlessly into your existing warehouse rack layouts without the need for retrofitting.
  • Increased Burst Strength: Our safety straps are designed with a high burst strength to withstand heavy loads and ensure long-lasting performance.

Protect Your Warehouse Today!

Don’t compromise on safety. Protect your employees with our Rack Safety Straps and give your warehouse managers peace of mind knowing that your inventory is secure and compliant with safety regulations.

Order now and experience the difference that our pallet rack safety straps can make in maintaining a safe and efficient work environment.

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