Pallet Rack Uprights

The closed tube column of these pallet rack uprights offers several advantages including the following:

  1. Increases torsional resistance of racking uprights by more than 200% over traditional open back designs with roll formed steel. All columns, beams, horizontal, and diagonals are tubular making it a superior product with structural integrity.
  2. Greater impact and damage resistance versus open back columns. Reduced damage of your pallet rack uprights means increases productivity and saved costs to your warehouse.
pallet rack upright closed tube column

These pallet rack uprights are compatible with all major manufactures' teardrop pallet rack beams. These are teardrop uprights and should not have a problem working with any teardrop beams.

Pallet rack upright capacity is not as straight forward as you might think. The capacity is based on several factors.

  1. Location of installation - if your racking uprights are going into a seismic area, this can effect capacity.
  2. Beam spacing - Vertical spacing of the beam levels on the pallet racking uprights plays a big role in the weight capacity of the upright. Basically the tighter the beams are spaced up and down on the uprights, the more capacity it will have.
  3. Foot plates - the size of the foot plates can play a role in determining the capacity.
  4. Gauge of steel - the gauge of steel that is used in the construction of the racking uprights plays a major role in determining weight restrictions.

All of this can be a bit much to determine if these teardrop uprights will work for you. Feel free to reach out to us to help you evaluate your situation.

These pallet racking uprights are in stock and ready to ship. We have heights from 8' tall up to 20' tall in our inventory in large quantities. These uprights can help you in storing materials and going vertical in your warehouse.