Pallet Rack Skid Channel Supports

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Pallet Rack Skid Channel Overview

Pallet rack skid channels are used to store wire baskets or containers in pallet rack. They easily accommodate point loads created by the feet on baskets.

Wire baskets and industrial crates are necessary when storing small or loose inventory. They are nice because they are sturdy and stackable. A problem arises however when you are trying to store them in pallet racking.

Traditional wire decking is not a great solution for storing wire baskets or containers because the point loads on the feet of the baskets will cause the decking to sag, sit unevenly on the decking, or they will tear up your wire decking. So how do you store these items safely and effectively?

Enter pallet rack skid channels. These skid channels run front to back of your pallet rack and tek screw into the face of your pallet rack beams.

How to design your pallet rack skid channels?

When you are purchasing skid rails for your pallet rack system, it is important to make sure they are designed for the following.

  1. You need to know the dimensions of the basket or container you are trying to store
  2. The location of the feet on the basket
  3. The amount of weight in the basket

The skid channels will be designed specifically to handle to point load of the basket and placed in you pallet racking in the appropriate spots to make sure they fit.


Types of Warehouse Skid Channels

Warehouse skid channels can come in light duty and heavy duty styles. The heavier duty style will be made of a thicker gauge steel and the top of the u channel will flare back out to create extra strength.

Advantages of Pallet Rack Skid Channels

  • Point load support -skid channels are great for storing baskets that create point loads, especially when you have lots of the same size containers.
  • Protect your pallet rack system – protect your pallet rack system from point load abuse
  • Increase your warehouse safety – pallet rack decking increases your warehouse safety by preventing pallets or containers from falling through the rack. That is why we strongly recommend using decking such as fork entry bars or corrugated decking.
  • Increase warehouse efficiencies – when your forklift drivers feel safe using the pallet rack system, this increases time efficiencies it takes to load and unload your rack system.




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