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How to protect my pallet rack

How To Protect My Pallet Rack

What options do you have to protect your pallet rack from forklift damage? Column, protectors, guardrail, what will work best? Learn more about your options here.
What size pallet rack do I need? featured image

What Size Pallet Rack Do I Need?

Making sure you get the right size pallet racking to fit your needs can be confusing. Use this post as a guide to make sure you’re getting the right sizing.
Pallet Rack Decking Options Featured Image

Pallet Rack Decking Options

There are several pallet rack decking options to choose from such as wire decking, wood, bar grating and more. Learn more here about your wire decking options.
Pallet Rack Capacity Charts Featured Image

Pallet Rack Capacity Charts

Figure out what the capacity of your pallet rack is. Most major pallet rack manufacturers rack capacity charts found on this post.
Roll Formed vs. Structural Pallet Racking Featured Image

Roll Formed vs. Structural Pallet Racking

Roll Formed Pallet Rack or Structural Pallet Rack? Which one will work better for your needs. Read this post to find out which is better suited for you.
Pallet Rack Identification Guide Featured Image

Pallet Rack Identification Guide

What type of pallet racking do I have? Are you trying to match your existing rack, but not sure what brand you have? Check out this post to identify your racking.