Pallet Rack Identification Guide

What Pallet Rack Do I Have?

Use our pallet rack identification guide to help you determine what type of pallet rack you have. Many times the pallet rack brands will be stamped onto the product helping you too easily identify the pallet rack manufacturer, but if it is not no this guide is here to help you. 

This pallet rack identifier is most useful in helping determine selective pallet racking not cantilever rack, pallet flow rack or any other warehouse rack system.

There are certain distinct features that pallet rack manufacturers design their pallet rack with, that we can use to help us identify what it is. 

A quick note that there is a difference between pallet rack styles and pallet rack manufacturers. Several pallet racking manufacturers make teardrop pallet rack. You have to look at some of the details to identify pallet racking because many of them look alike.

Speedrack Teardrop

Speedrack Style




Interlake Welded

Mecalux Bolted

New Style

Ridg-U-Rak Teardrop

Ridg-U-Rak Slotted






Webb Lock


Frick Gallagher








Unarco Teardrop


Pallet Rack Identifier

There are several different types or styles of pallet rack. The main style is going to be teardrop pallet rack. There are several different manufacturers that produce teardrop pallet racking systems. Most of these teardrop racks will play nice with each other. Manufacturers have also changed their designs over the years and may not be pictured above. To tell the difference you can use the images above, or send us the pictures.

Keystone/Republic pallet rack also is produced by several manufacturers over the years. There are still manufacturers that will produce it today but has lost a lot of popularity to the teardrop pallet rack.

There are other rack styles that are unique to a particular manufacturer. Some of them are still in business and some of them are not. For example, Ridg-U-Rak slotted will only work with itself. Ridg-U-Rak Slotted is still produced today and is a great quality product.

Pallet Rack Identification

Structural pallet rack is another style of racking available. Structural racking is made with hot rolled c-channel steel and the beams will bolt onto the uprights. There are several manufacturers that make structural pallet rack and they can be hard to distinguish the difference between brands.

Pallet Racking That is No Longer Made

  • Paltier
  • Hiline
  • Amerlock
  • Mirack
  • Frick Gallagher
  • Webb Lock
  • Interlake “New Style”
  • Dexion
  • USP

What Should I Do If My Pallet Rack Brand is No Longer Made?

A commonly seen scenario is a customer with damaged pallet rack they need to replace, but the racking is no longer manufactured. If you have teardrop pallet racking, there is likely a close match that we can help analyze for you.

If you have a pallet rack style that is no longer made and components that need to be replaced due to damage, we recommend cannibalizing your existing material to fix damage and buying new teardrop pallet rack system.