Pallet Rack Beams

These pallet racking beams are made in the US in Quincy Michigan with American made steel. They have a nice powder coat orange finish that is rugged and makes a nice professional look. These pallet racks can help you quickly and neatly maximize space.

These pallet rack beams come in different widths and capacities. It is important to know what weight capacity beams you need for your pallet rack project. Standard capacities go from 2,000 lbs. per shelf level up to 9,000 lbs. per shelf level. The face size of the height of the beam will determine how much weight the teardrop beam can handle.

The thickness of the pallet rack beam and the gauge of the steel are what determine the capacity.

pallet rack step beam

These pallet rack beams are standard step beams which is different from a box beams or structural beams. They feature a step that is 1 5/8" that allow for u shaped wire decking or 2" x 4" studs to fit down in the recess.

The rack beams are made from 16 gauge or 14 gauge steel depending on the load capacity and the distance it has to span. Depending on the weight capacities of the beam they are perfect for heavy duty applications.

They are teardrop pallet rack beams that are compatible with teardrop upright frames. The rack shelves are adjustable on 2" centers up and down. That makes these pallet racking beams versatile and able to handle whatever your pallet racking system may need to accommodate.

Pallet rack beams come in different widths or lengths to make sure you get the right size beam levels for your specific pallets. The most common widths are 4', 8', 9', 10', and 12'.

The pallet racking beams have several different safety features including:

Spring clip or locking pin: Each beam clip comes equipped with a locking pin that automatically engages in the upright frame to keep it from popping loose during loading and unloading. The locking clip automatically engages for an easy installation.

3 point connection: The pallet rack beams that are over 4,000 lbs. capacity, utilize a 3 point connection clip. Unlike other manufacturers, these racking beams have 3 pins that connect into the upright to provide adequate support and additional safety against accidental dislodging.

Yes, these teardrop pallet rack beams will work with any other major teardrop racking manufacturer and new style interlake rack.