Keystone Pallet Racking

What is Keystone Pallet Racking?

Keystone pallet rack is a style of pallet racking that used to be very common but is used less today. Keyston pallet rack is commonly referred to as republic racking. It is called keystone pallet rack because the holes punched on the upright look like a keystone.

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New Keystone Pallet Racks Overview

Keystone pallet rack is a roll formed rack system. On keystone racking, the upright frames are punched one time in the center and the beams will share the same keystone hole on either side of the upright.

Keystone pallet rack commonly has gray uprights and yellow beams. Keystone rack used to be produced by several manufacturers such as Cardinal and Republic but today is only made by a handful of manufacturers.

If you are purchasing a new racking system you may want to consider a teardrop rack system as keystone pallet rack is really only sold today to match an existing rack system or to replace damaged components in an existing system.

Some providers of keystone style pallet racks will tell you that the hole is punched in the area of least stress giving it the maximum strength. However other racking systems will provide these same benefits and the resale of your pallet racking will be much higher.

New and Used Keystone Pallet Rack Benefits

  • Easy installation due to its boltless construction
  • Typically adjustable on 3″ centers
  • Locking safety pins
  • Columns have solid corners as the keystone is punched in the center of the upright columns
  • Increases storage capacity by utilizing vertical space

Keystone/Republic Racking Components

  1. Keystone upright frames – keystone uprights are the vertical component in the system that keystone beams are hung from
  2. Keystone beams – republic rack beams are the horizontal components in the rack system that support the pallets. Keystone beams come in different widths and with different weight capacities.

Keystone Style Pallet Rack Accessories

Some common keystone racking accessories are wire decks, row spacers, beam clips, wall ties, and pallet rack crossbars.


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