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Husky Pallet Rack in Stock and able to ship in 24-48 hours from time of order placement!

About Husky Rack and Wire

Husky Rack and Wire is a prominent player in the storage and material handling industry, known for its innovative solutions and high-quality products.

Specializing in industrial storage solutions, the company offers a diverse range of racks, shelving, and wire partitions designed to optimize space and enhance organizational efficiency.

Husky has two shipping locations. One in Denver, NC and one in Sterling, MA. Husky also manufacturers wire fencing along with pallet racking.

Invincible Rack Husky

In Stock and Ready to Ship in 24-48 Hours from Denver, NC

Husky Pallet Rack Uprights [Teardrop]

Husky Rack and Wire Pallet Rack Uprights are in stock and ready to ship in 48 hours. They are available in 3″ x 1 5/8″  and 3″ x 3″ size columns for quick ship in a 14 gauge. If you need another size or capacity from Husky that you do not see below, contact us to get pricing. 

DimensionsModel #Column SizeCapacity @48″ SpacingWeight
36″ deep x 96″ tallIU183600963″ x 1 5/8″18,160 lbs.40.38 lbs.
36″ deep x 120″ tallIU183601203″ x 1 5/8″18,160 lbs.51.54 lbs.
36″ deep x 144″ tallIU183601443″ x 1 5/8″18,160 lbs.59.16 lbs.
42″ deep x 96″ tallIU184200963″ x 1 5/8″18,160 lbs.42.07 lbs.
42″ deep x 120″ tallIU184201203″ x 1 5/8″18,160 lbs.53.93 lbs.
42″ deep x 144″ tallIU184201443″ x 1 5/8″18,160 lbs. 61.48 lbs.
42″ deep x 192″ tallIU184201923″ x 1 5/8″18,160 lbs. 80.89 lbs.
48″ deep x 96″ tallIU184800963″ x 1 5/8″18,160 lbs.43.80 lbs.
48″ deep x 120″ tallIU184801203″ x 1 5/8″18,160 lbs.56.37 lbs.
48″ deep x 144″ tallIU184801443″ x 1 5/8″18,160 lbs.63.87 lbs.
42″ deep x 144″ tallIU244201443″ x 3″25,390 lbs.72.14 lbs.
42″ deep x 192″ tallIU244201923″ x 3″25,390 lbs.95.17 lbs.
42″ deep x 240″ tallIU244202403″ x 3″25,390 lbs.118.20 lbs.
48″ deep x 192″ tallIU244801923″ x 3″25,390 lbs.98.18 lbs.
Husky Pallet Rack Beams

Husky Pallet Rack Beams [Teardrop]

Husky Pallet Rack Beams are in stock and ready to ship out from two different FOB points on the east coast. Husky Rack “invincible beams” are compatible with most other teardrop style pallet rack from other manufacturers. 

DimensionsCapacity Per PairModel #Weight
48″ wide x 3″ high6,840 lbs. IBX3004810.65 lbs.
96″ wide x 3.5″ high4,190 lbs. IBX3509621.05 lbs.
96″ wide x 4″ tall5,210 lbs.IBX3909622.39 lbs.
96″ wide x 4.5″ tall6,270 lbs.IBX4309623.66 lbs.
108″ wide x 4.5″ tall5,060 lbs.IBX4310826.37 lbs.
120″ wide x 4.5″ tall4,190 lbs.IBX4312029.08 lbs.
120″ wide x 4.8″ tall5,360 lbs. IBX4812031.39 lbs.
144″ wide x 4.5″ tall3,020 lbs.IBX4314434.50 lbs.
108″ wide x 5.5″ tall9,100 lbs. IBN5510836.07 lbs.
144″ wide x 5.5″ tall5,680 lbs.IBN5514447.44 lbs.
144″ wide x 6″ tall8,300 lbs.IBH6014459.91 lbs.
Husky Wire Deck

Husky Pallet Rack Wire Decks

Husky Rack and Wire Pallet Rack Wire Decks are waterfall style and galvanized in finish. These are also in stock and ready to ship to you in 48 hours. They are designed to fit on pallet rack with a roll formed step beam as they boast u shaped support channels.

DimensionsCapacity *UDLModel #Weight
36″ deep x 46″ wide3,250 lbs. 3646A318.78 lbs.
36″ deep x 52″ wide3,250 lbs.3652A320.30 lbs.
36″ deep x 52″ wide3,900 lbs.3652A422.58 lbs.
36″ deep x 58″ wide3,900 lbs.3658A424.09 lbs.
42″ deep x 46″ wide2,610 lbs.4246A321.62 lbs.
42″ deep x 46″ wide3,150 lbs.4246A424.32 lbs.
42″ deep x 52″ wide2,610 lbs.4252A323.33 lbs.
42″ deep x 58″ wide3,150 lbs.4258A427.74 lbs.
48″ deep x 46″ wide2,100 lbs.4846A324.83 lbs.
48″ deep x 46″ wide2,630 lbs.4846A427.95 lbs.
48″ deep x 52″ wide2,100 lbs.4852A326.79 lbs.
48″ deep x 52″ wide2,630 lbs.4852A429.91 lbs.
48″ deep x 58″ wide2,630 lbs.4858A431.87 lbs.

Husky Pallet Rack Wire Decks

Husky has pallet rack accessories including column protectors, row spacers, double flanged crossbars, load stop beams, and anchors in stock and ready to ship out. Check out what they have available below.

Crossbars 36″A1036GGalvanized4.37 lbs.
Crossbars 42″ A1042GGalvanized5.13 lbs.
Crossbars 48″ A1048GGalvanized5.88 lbs.
Row Spacers 6″RSIN06Galvanized0.87 lbs.
Row Spacers 8″RSIN08Galvanized1.10 lbs.
Row Spacers 12″ RSIN12Galvanized1.55 lbs.
Row Spacers 18″RSIN18Galvanized2.23 lbs.
1/2″ x 4 3/4″ AnchorsI33536Zinc.25
Husky Rack

Husky Rack Features

  • Husky Rack has two adjacent teardrop punches on 2″ centers, so beams are compatible with most other pallet rack systems. 
  • Husky Rack features a Bowlock safety clip keeping the beams engaged with the uprights.
  • Husky Rack is made in the USA with 100% U.S. steel. 
  • Husky Rack Uprights are able to go up to 46′ without being spliced. That’s impressive!
  • Available to ship in 24-48 hours! Husky Rack is kept in stock in Denver, NC and Sterling, MA in large quantities.
  • Husky Rack is available in different color options
Husky Rack and Wire Invincible Rack

Husky Rack has an open back column and is powder coated finish. The uprights have two teardrop punches or a double slotted posts on each upright allowing you to connect to either side of them. Husky rack is an economical answer for storing pallets or materials in storage racks for your facility. 

More About Husky Rack and Wire

One of the standout features of Husky Rack and Wire’s products is their robust construction, ensuring durability and longevity even in demanding industrial environments. The company understands the importance of reliable storage systems in maximizing productivity, and their solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries.

Whether it’s heavy-duty pallet racks, wire decking, or custom-designed solutions, Husky Rack and Wire has established itself as a reliable partner for businesses looking to optimize their storage infrastructure. With a focus on innovation and being a  customer-first company, Husky continues to be a leading force in the competitive world of storage rack.