Galvanized Pallet Racking

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Galvanized Pallet Racking Overview

Are you trying to put pallet racking outside but don’t want your pallet rack to rust? Galvanized pallet rack my be your answer.

Galvanized pallet racks are a great solution to protect your investment in pallet rack. Traditional powder coated pallet rack will last for a little while outdoors but after a couple of years the racks will start to rust and lose their structural integrity. This leads to replacement costs for your pallet racks every few years.

Galvanized pallet rack systems keep you from having to replace your pallet racking every few years.

Applications for Galvanized Pallet Racking

Pallet rack with a hot dip galvanized finish are commonly used in more applications than just outdoor pallet racking.

Chemical Storage – Galvanized racks are commonly seen in chemical storage. These harsh environments require a galvanized steel finish to make the racking corrosion resistant.

Fertilizer Storage – Fertilizer is notorious for being very corrosive to steel over time. Inevitably some of the fertilizer makes in onto the warehouse floor and this eats up the footplates of the pallet rack.

Washdown Environments – If you are warehouse is a washdown environment, perhaps a chicken plant, having a galvanized finish on your pallet rack will make it rust resistant to constant moisture.

Outdoor Pallet Rack – Rust resistance is key for maintaining the structural integrity of your pallet rack over time. When exposed to the elements traditional pallet rack will rust and go bad.

Galvanized Pallet Racking Pricing

Yes, galvanized pallet racking is going to be more expensive up front. The question is how much more? It is hard to say how much more exactly because it depends on the type of racking and other factors but a good rule of thumb is around 1.5 times what powder coating or a dip paint will cost.

Even if the pallet racking is 50% more expensive, this is much cheaper than replacing the rack in 5 years.

What type of pallet racking can be galvanized?

Any type of racking can be made to be galvanized but the most commonly seen are selective pallet racks and cantilever racks.

Can I galvanize my existing racking?

If your pallet rack already has paint on it, this is not a good idea as the galvanization may not adhere well to the paint.


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