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Furniture Racks Overview

Furniture storage can present a unique challenge when trying to maximize your storage space efficiently. The problem is furniture can be very long, odd shaped, and is often not palletized.

So what is the best storage solution for all this bulky furniture? Enter furniture storage racks.

Furniture racks are a variation of cantilever racking because they do not have any columns in the front of the rack. The arms hang from the uprights in the back and make one big solid shelf.

Furniture Rack Decking

Furniture rack decking typically needs to be a solid shelf because a wire deck will impress a grid onto the product or the product will not sit flat. But how do you put a solid deck on a cantilever rack?

The arms are connected with beams left to right that create a shelf for the wood to sit down in. The beams have steps in them that allow for supports to sit in, and then wood or some type of solid shelf to sit on top of.

Furniture Rack Variations

This style of furniture rack system works well for storing couches, chairs, desks, etc., but does not do great at storing items like mattresses.

Some of these types of items are better stored in a variation of selective rack used for furniture storage because it creates more structure for the product to lean against and divide it.

How To Service the Furniture Racks

Furniture racks are typically serviced with an order picker that has a furniture attachment. The furniture rack system can be wire guided or rail guided.


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