Freight Information

Due to the fuel volatility and supply chain issues, freight rates can vary widely from day-to-day and from state-to-state. Not every freight company delivers or picks up in every area.

To assure you get the most competitive freight rate possible, we now do the following for all Southeast Pallet Rack customers:

  1. The minute we receive your order, we electronically send it out to several freight brokers to get the best rate possible.
  2. This process usually takes 1 to 2 business days for most freight carriers to provide us an estimated freight cost for your order.
  3. Once we hear back from these companies, we immediately review all the quotes provided and notify you of the best rate we could find for your order, shipped to your address of choice.
  4. While this process takes takes a little longer, it assures you are getting the best freight rates available at any given time.
  5. Freight rates will be provided via email from

If An Item Arrived Damaged:
*Be sure to note any damage on the receiving record when your order is delivered. This is extremely important!!

If you had Southeast Pallet Rack Coordinate Your Freight:

Be sure to make a detailed note on the receiving record that the freight arrived damaged and notify us as soon as possible. The signed delivery receipt represents your acceptance of the complete order in good order. If you fail to specify that your order arrived damaged or was missing pieces on the receiving record, there is little to nothing we can do to help you file a freight claim. You will also be responsible for any concealed (inside the packaging damages) not reported to Southeast Pallet Rack within 24 hours of delivery.

If your order was shipped to you freight collect:

Please refuse the order and file a freight claim with the freight company.

It is imperative that you take photos of the damaged item(s) and email the photos to before calling. Be sure to include a description of the problem in the email.

SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS – Buyer shall from time to time change shipping schedules or other shipping data specified in this purchase order or contained in any writing instructions or may direct temporary suspension of scheduled shipments. If Seller, however, for any reason does not substantially comply with Buyer’s delivery schedule, Buyer at its option may either approve a revised delivery schedule or may terminate this order without liability to Seller on account thereof.

ADDITIONAL FREIGHT – Additional freight costs resulting from Seller’s inability to ship complete order as a single shipment shall be the Seller’s responsibility, unless partial shipments are specifically authorized by the Buyer.

DELAY IN DELIVERY – When date of delivery is given, Southeast Pallet Rack will make every effort to make shipments as near that date as possible, but Southeast Pallet Rack will assume no responsibility for any loss or inconveniences caused by non-delivery at specified time.

SPECIAL NOTE ON DELIVERY – If the buyer causes delays in receiving of the material resulting in additional freight charges from the freight company, these additional charges will be the responsibility of the buyer.