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Overview of Fork Entry Bars for Pallet Rack

Fork entry bars for pallet rack are used when you are dealing with non palletized inventory. The fork entry bar sits above the load beams and allow you to set the product down and smoothly remove your forklift forks.

Fork entry bars are also referred to as fork clearance bars. The fork clearance bars flange over the front and back of the beams and tek screws into the face of the beam to secure them in place.

Applications of Fork Entry Bars

  • Sheets of plywood
  • Flat stock
  • Any wide items that are not palletized loads

Things To Note About Fork Clearance Bars

Fork clearance bars do add 2.5″ vertically to the overall height profile of your rack.

Fork entry bars are a great way to retrofit your existing racking and avoid having to buy another racking system such as cantilever racks.

Fork entry bars work good with an evenly distributed load. They do not work so well with point loads.


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