Drive-In Rack / Drive Through Rack

Drive-In Rack is is a high density racking system that maximizes storage space by eliminating forklift aisles and cubing out storage space in a warehouse. Drive-In Racking is an economical solution to store pallets multiple positions deep utilizing your valuable warehouse square footage.

Drive-In Rack

What Is Drive-In Rack?

In a Drive-In rack system the forklift “drives-in” to the rack system to load and unload it. Pallets are rails that run front to back of the system and have specific spacing for forklift accessibility. The pallet must be raised to the appropriate lane height before you take it into and out of the system. Once you are inside of the racking, you cannot raise it up and down levels.

Drive-In racking is available in roll formed racking or structural racking. Since drive-in is subject to more abuse than any other type of racking system, we recommend structural drive-in to reduce susceptibility to damage. Spending a little more up front reinforcing your drive in rack is always recommended as replacing parts in this type of rack system can be expensive.

Drive-In Racking is loaded and unloaded from one side (LIFO). Drive-Thru Racking can be loaded and loaded from either side making it a FIFO system. Drive-Thru racking must have 2 aisles whereas Drive-In only has 1.

Structural Drive-In Rack
Structural Drive-In Rack
Roll Formed Drive-In Rack
Roll Formed Drive-In Rack

Benefits of Drive-In Rack

  • High density storage of pallets
  • Unlimited depth of storage
  • Limited aisles means greater storage capacity
  • Commonly used in coolers, blast freezers, and the beverage industry

Who Makes Drive-In Racking?

Some the manufacturers that make Drive-In Rack include Steel King, Unarco, Interlake Mecalux, Engineered Products, Frazier, Ridg-U-Rak, and Speedrack.

Drive-In Pallet Rack Projects

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