Double Deep Pallet Racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking is a pallet rack system that maximizes warehouse space by storing pallets two-deep in standard pallet racking. The second pallet position is accessed with a deep-reach lift truck that will pantograph out to reach the back pallet positions.

If you have a wide variety of pallet sizes, but you are still needing a high-density racking system, double deep racking may be the best option to utilize your available storage space.

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Benefits of a Double Deep Pallet Racking System

    • Increase storage space by eliminating the number of aisles required.
    • Access to the pallets still remains relatively quick, maintaining 50% accessibility to your pallets
    • LIFO System (last in, first out) storage system. The last pallet in the rack will be the first one to leave.
    • Economical high density racking solution – compared to other racking systems, double deep pallet racking has a low cost per pallet position.
    • High level of safety with features such as wire decking.
    • No mechanical components meaning there is nothing that can malfunction.
    • Easy to reconfigure in the future or just make it a single deep system.
    • Adaptable to a variety of different size pallets
    • Increase your floor space by condensing your pallet storage space

What Components Make Up Double Deep Pallet Racking?

Double deep pallet rack is made up of the following components:

    1. Pallet Rack Upright Frames
    1. Pallet Rack Horizontal Beams
    1. Typically Pallet Rack Wire Decking
    1. Pallet Rack Row Spacers

As you can see, double deep rack just uses selective rack Selective Pallet Racking components to make this high-density racking system. The real magic of this storage capacity-increasing solution is the deep reach lift truck, which can go 2 pallet positions deep.

Why This Rack System May Not Work For You

    1. If you need direct access to every pallet load then double deep racking may not be the right solutions for you. Double deep pallet racking is going to keep the rear pallet position from being unloaded immediately. You will first have to move the front pallet to access the back one.
    1. Warehouses with expiry products: if your inventory expires quickly you may want to consider other warehouse pallet racking systems as double deep rack is a LIFO system which means your product may often be expiring.

How to Design a Double Deep System

When designing your double deep pallet rack it is important to consider all of the details on the front end. You need to make sure of the following:

  • You have a beam level at the floor so the outriggers on the forklift can go underneath the racking system. The outriggers on the reach truck have to go underneath the first beam level to reach the rear pallet position
  • Upright protection for the bottom of the upright: With double deep pallet rack, the upright columns in the front of the system are notoriously known to get damaged. It is very important to have a bull nose or some type of v-nose protection at the bottom of the upright. These can be welded on when you buy the racking system or they can be purchased after the fact and be bolted on or anchored into the floor.


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