Cover Plates Over Corrugated Steel

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Cover Plates Over Corrugated Steel Pallet Rack Decking Overview

Cover plates go over corrugated steel to create a solid surface for your pallet rack decking. Cover plates can be made to be solid or perforated depending on what works better for you.

The corrugate underneath the cover plate gives the decking its strength, while the cover plate provides a smooth top surface so products can easily slide on and off the pallet rack shelves.

Advantages and Applications of Cover Plate Rack Decking

  • Provides a solid surface on your rack decking
  • Can be either interior or exterior waterfall flange
  • Small products will not fall down in the gaps of corrugate decking
  • Solid perimeter border for safety
  • Perforated finish allows for water to pass through the decking making it an attractive fire safety solution
  • Finish can be painted or galvanized


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