Corrugated Decking for Pallet Rack

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Overview of Corrugated Decking for Pallet Rack

Corrugated decking for pallet rack is a great way to create a solid shelf for your pallet racking. The ridges and valleys in the product help give the sheet of steel its strength to support your product.

Corrugated rack decking is commonly made of 20 gauge steel which has a great capacity.

Applications of Corrugated Rack Decking

Bankers Boxes or Record Storage – Corrugated decking is commonly used to store these types of boxes as the do not store that well on wire decking. The corrugated steel is good at carrying the load without having the deck sag with in the middle.

Point Loads – Corrugated deck is commonly used to store point loads such as furniture because it is better at handling concentrated loads compared to other decking options.

Carpet Rolls – Corrugated decking is commonly used in carpet storage because of its ability to span longer distances and evenly distribute weight.

Keep in mind, in back to back sections of racking, you can have the center beams welded down and get pieces of corrugate that are 8’+ long to create a solid deck of 8’+ from front to back. The center beams help to support the decking in the center keeping the decking from sagging.

Advantages of Corrugated Rack Decking

  • B1.5″ corrugated decking used as pallet rack decking
  • The corrugated deck is 1.5″ high. This means it will sit down in the step of the beam and be flush with the top of it.
  • Corrugated deck is tek screwed down into the step of the beams in the valleys to keep it secured to the rack beams.
  • Smooth surface protects products from being damaged
  • Can be painted finish or galvanized
  • Widths vary from 6″ to 36″ to fit the width of your rack bays
  • Depths can be cut to whatever size that you need
  • This decking is also referred to as b deck



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