Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is a type of warehouse racking system that allows you to store long bulky materials such as lumber or pipe, that do not fit well into traditional selective pallet racks. Cantilever rack does not have a front column, allowing the shelf to be as wide as it needs to be.

What Is Cantilever Racking?

Cantilever racking is a versatile storage solution designed with horizontal arms that extend outward from vertical columns, allowing for efficient and accessible storage of long, bulky items. Cantilever racking is commonly used to store lumber, pipe, furniture, conduit, sheetrock and many other building supplies.

Something that almost everyone is familiar with is the lumber section at a Home Depot or a Lowes. This is a great example of cantilever racking in use.

Cantilever racking comes in roll formed and a structural version pictured below.

Roll Formed Cantilever Racking
Roll Formed Cantilever Racking
Structural Cantilever Racking
Structural Cantilever Racking

What Components Make Up Cantilever Racking?

Cantilever Racking is made up of:

  • Towers or Uprights – this is the verical piece in the back. It can be designed to go as high as you need it to go and needs to have some extra room at the top for the material to rest against.
  • Arms – The cantilever rack arms stick out horizontally, hung from the back of the tower or upright. These are commonly seen in lengths of 36″, 42″, 48″, 52″, and 54″
  • Bases – The cantilever rack bases connect to the towers to give the rack its stability. the length of the base is determined by the length of the arm and what will give the rack proper structural integrity.
  • Braces – Braces hold the towers together. The brace width is determined based on how many towers you need to support your load. Cantilever braces are commonly seen in widths of 24″, 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″, and 96″.

Cantilever Rack Projects

Who Makes Cantilever Racking?

There are several Cantilever Rack manufacturers in the US. The ones that are approved by RMI are Speedrack, Steel King, Unarco, Interlake Mecalux, Bull Dog, Ridg-U-Rak, and Meco, SPG, Cogan, Engineered Products, and Ross Technologies.

Most of the Cantilever rack manufacturers either make roll formed or structural cantilever but not both.

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