Bar Grating Decking


Bar Grating Decking for Pallet Rack Overview

Bar grating decking is the most heavy duty pallet rack decking option on the market. If you need your racking decking to be virtually indestructible, this is the product for you.

Bar grating decking is used primarily in applications where there will be point loads on the decking. A point load is a load where the weight of what you are putting in the rack is concentrated in certain area.

A good example of a point load would be containers with feet. An example of an evenly distributed load would be a pallet with good bottom boards.

Bar Grating Decking Applications:

  • Wire basket storage
  • Container storage
  • Dye storage
  • Anything with point loads.

Designing your bar grating decking

When you are designing your bar grating decks, it is important to know the sizes and weights of what you will be putting on the racking. The decking needs to be made specifically to hold the dimensions of what you will be storing.

The bar grating decks can be made with different thicknesses of steel and tighter patterns depending on what you need it to hold. They can be made just to lay on top of your pallet rack beams or to tek screw into the top with countersunk holes.

Benefits of Bar Grating Decking

This heavy duty pallet rack decking has the benefit of having an open pattern allowing water to flow through. This makes it an attractive option if fire safety is a concern in your facility.


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