42″D x 96″H Teardrop Pallet Rack Upright


New Speedrack Teardrop Pallet Rack Uprights 42″ deep x 96″ high. Heavy Duty Pallet Rack Upright with Closed Tube Column.

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The Speedrack Teardrop Pallet Rack Upright is the pinnacle of durability and precision engineering for your storage needs! With its cutting-edge design and and closed tube column, this rack upright is a game-changer in the world of warehousing and logistics.

One of the standout features of this teardrop pallet rack upright is its closed tube column design. Engineered with strength and longevity in mind, the closed tube column significantly increases the overall durability and structural integrity of the rack. This means you can confidently store your heaviest and most valuable items without worrying about stability or safety concerns.

Whether you’re dealing with heavy-duty industrial applications or managing a busy distribution center, the Speedrack Teardrop Pallet Rack Upright delivers unparalleled performance. The teardrop-style connection slots make assembly a breeze, saving you time and effort during installation.

The high-quality steel construction ensures that this upright can withstand the rigors of day-to-day use and endure for years to come. Speedrack is renowned for its commitment to top-notch manufacturing standards, and this product is no exception.

Features and Benefits of Teardrop Pallet Rack Upright 42″D x 96″H

  • Dimensions: 42″D x 96″H
  • Teardrop-Style connection slots for easy bolt less assembly
  • Closed tube column designed for enhanced durability
  • Robust American made steel and manufacturing by Speedrack
  • Ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications and busy distribution centers
  • Perfect for optimizing storage space in any environment

Additional information

Weight 48.3 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 96 in

Powder Coated


Light Green



Style of Rack


Upright Capacity

20,900 lbs. @ 48" beam spacing

Upright Gauge

14 Gauge Closed Tube Column

Column Size

3" wide x 1.625" deep

Material Type

Roll Formed Steel

Stocking Location

Birmingham, Alabama

Lead Time to Ship

2 Business Days


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